New Eye Berlin

Summer 2019


Summer 2019


Rob Clayton, Aaron Smith + Seth Drenner

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Berlin, much like its sister city Los Angeles, is a place that embodies the kind of cultural triumphs that can occur when a society champions diversity and inclusion. Each city has flourished due to its welcoming atmosphere and immigrant populations.

Pop Up Berlin seeks to inspire students from Art Center to begin a purposeful, meaningful dialogue with the citizens of Berlin. Students were encouraged to design and produce inclusive, positive image-based materials intended to celebrate the kindred spirits of both cities.

This year’s project focused around the 100th year anniversary of the Bauhaus art movement. Through the course of the summer term students built a body of print-based work that embraced the spirit of Bauhaus. They focused on creating work inspired by the motto that the school was founded on. The class focused on the combination of craft and industrial fabrication methodologies. They were introduced to the tapestries of Anni Albers; an anchoring point for the class.

By acknowledging our glorious diversity through pop-up events featuring student produced Posters, Periodicals and Products, POP-UP Berlin is designed to direct our student’s Illustrative talents towards advocacy and inclusion.

Throughout the Summer term in Pasadena, Illustration partnered with ACCD’s Archetype Press as well as the Printshop at 870 to enable the students to produce ephemera in multiples. These items were brought to Berlin and presented in innovative contexts throughout the city during our 2.5 week visit. Pop-Up opportunities include a gallery opening, booths at various events, as well as public street installations.

In addition, during our stay in Berlin, the students visited studios, institutions and museums dedicated to social engagement within Design Practice.

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