Berlin Immersions

Berlin at a Second Glance

Cultural Immersion

Cultural Immersion: Berlin provides a deeper understanding of German culture, the history of the country and the mentality of its people. Being based in the capital of Germany, a strong emphasis is put on the unique situation and position of Berlin in the past, present and in the future.

In order to take full advantage of the fact the we are “vor Ort”, lectures are accompanied by extensive field trips. These include museums, exhibitions and architectural landmarks but - as important - students will experience the rhythm of the city and various urban lifestyles of neighborhoods. Traveling, being outside the studio is an essential part of the course.

Open your eyes, your mind, notice the small details, be aware, discover and discuss. Students will always have a camera, pen and paper to sketch and take notes.
Rather than memorizing dates, numbers and historical facts, this course is as holistic and visual as possible. Movies, museums, architecture - a sense of ‘place’ will help students learn about Berlin and Germany but - even more important - to fully immerse and experience your new town.

The Berlin Way

Mapping the Creative Industries

Over the past twenty years, Berlin’s magnetism to the creative class has dramatically increased, turning the German capital into a global creative hub.

The Berlin Way research project provides a first-hand immersion into the vibrant creative industries of Berlin and explores the Berlin way of living and creating in one of the world’s most dynamic creative environments.
Through the lens of social science, participating students gain insights into Berlin’s development as a city in relation to the evolution of its creative industries.
In addition to guest lectures and discussions with Berlin-based experts (architectural historians, urban developers, city marketeers, etc.), we visit and interview protagonists of Berlin’s creative scene. Students also learn to search and discover the next up-and-coming talents of Berlin.
Collectively, all participants of this course contribute through writing, audio-visual edits and visual interpretations to a knowledge base that maps out the ever evolving creative industries of Berlin.