Plan B: The Spirit of Bauhaus

Summer 2019


Summer 2019


Carolina Trigo, Simon Johnston


When the Bauhaus was originally conceived, one of its primary intents was to address and capture the "eternal human spirit" in art, design and architecture. It sought and cultivated wonder, the Utopian, the radical. It promoted "looking" as an intellectual pursuit and considered every action In lite as a medium for creativity. The Bauhaus was revolutionary in its re-linking the arts, crafts, life and manufacturing. Driven by socialist ideals, it created a curriculum of new forms that helped craft the "modem." It did so by forging an art, design, and industry education bound by community, aesthetic risk and the sharing of ideas and skills. Yet, over time, much of that initial spirit has been forgotten or reduced to cold and functional readings of what the Bauhaus was about. Plan B resists such narrow interpretations and sets out to revive the forgotten or overridden aspects of the Bauhaus - In addition to delineating its thinking, impact and influence - by reimagining them in a contemporary setting.

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