How is your self an IP address?

Looking beyond the literal, both the self and an IP address have unique qualities. An IP address is integral to the exploration of the internet, much in the same way that the self is used to experience the world. With each click, search, or action online, IP addresses have an archived history. Shopping habits, streaming preferences, etc. all this history left behind allows for a glimpse into the self of the user. An IP address has a fixed location, it doesn’t travel with you and isn’t unique to one person. This fragmentation of the self across locations speaks strongly about an experience within a particular space, a connection that is most potent at the point of contact. The self transcends the body into new forms through this technology. In a world that is connected through the internet more than ever, an IP address has the ability to show one of the most pure representations of the self.


“Hello,i am a human person.”


“history of the entire world, i guess”


Synthesized Comment:

"everything is connected"