Private vs Public

What constitute a private space, what constitutes a public space?

Private space normally considered as closed; public space is open and collective. However, the way that private space works is when people behave and feel differently from staying in public space. Because public space is accessible and open to new, people/bodies can affecting each other easily.  In this case, people need to be fixed and regulated by laws or society in public space. More clearly, we can say that the public space forms a culture, such as cities experiences,  which shape people’s behaviors of making money in companies, following the working time schedule, keeping quiet on the train, or even concealing their emotions all the day until back home. This distinction from behaving freely at home is less likely to affect other people which distinguish those two spaces. So, emotions are different from public space. Personal emotions constitute privates space, limited reactions constitute public space.

As the technology develops in 21th century, public space expands into your home and private space get smaller. Public and private spaces are merged into a social space. People get harder to express themselves freely. For example, they have an online account to post their daily lives and events while accounts become social and public to friends in reality. People have to behave as they are at public even at home. Emotions are limited. Not only those online connections, Facebook trying to encourage people’s interaction with other online. There is Facebook emojis to help you express your reaction to the post. In this case, your post comments become a public space for people to react with their emotions. This online culture gets closer to public and emotions are losing its freedom online. So, people are not a self any more, they become a themselves to reply to other’s emotions and trying to follow the trend of online culture. The increasing interaction due to phone invention connects private space to public space. Other people can still know what your are doing even you are alone at home. So there is no boundary between what constitute private and public. Reactions are hidden in your mind.

“Private space constitutes public space, vice versa”






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