The Fold

Is the body the edge between inner and outer space, or is it where the inner and the outer fold into one another?

The body isn’t the inner or the outer space, but in fact is exactly where they begin to fold into one another. The body is the gateway, a sort of portal between the inner and the outer; what is inside and what is outside.

Space, in this case is not an actual space. It’s a metaphorical dimension. Inner space, the inside, is where we process our internal, private thoughts, where we store our memories, where we make calculations and neuron connections. Outer space, the outside is where our interactions take place, we meet people, see the beach, read a book. And our body acts as the in between where both the outside and the inside are able to happen at once, creating an experience. Without the body we cannot walk, run, speak, we cannot process the thoughts from our inner space to function as an action in the outer space. The body is where the inner space can meet the outer space and become a physical action.

The body is where emotions from inner space can manifest into outer space, where a thought can manifest into an action, and a memory can become a gesture. Without the body, there would be nothing connecting the inner space to the outer space. Thus, the body isn’t the edge. If it were the edge, there would be no need for the body. A thought would exist without a mouth to speak it into words, or an experience could happen without a body to process it.

In order to bring the inner and the outer together, you need to have the body, therefore, the body is the fold, where the lines blur and things are harder to define.

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—ariel eats

Look What You Made Me Do
—Taylor Swift

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