Hard working & hardly working

frustrated and anxious that my project wouldn't come together

but somehow made it work

and now waiting for supplies from amazon

planned a day of visiting museums on Sunday

went to Hauptbanhof and was thrilled to see so many shops 

but did not understand the layout of the building

fish and chips loomed in the distance

fast walked a bee line to the only thing in my vision

crunch, crunch, my ears hear

set out to the museum

loved everything from the architecture to the exhibitions

went to the souvenir shop

and I spied actresses from Sense 8

didn't want to disturb but was in shock 

too tired to go to another museum

set out to Hackesher Markt

and found dozens of lovely alleyways to explore

annoyed by the fading daylight by 5PM

I headed back to the hotel

hanna yi