Underground Berlin

Fall 2015


Fall 2015


Rob Ball, Michael Sans


Underground: a place to risk, out of the mainstream, experimental, without boundaries, finding the new, not part of the ordinary, pioneering.

Berlin has a rich history of using underground” as a vehicle of change, a laboratory for discovering the outcast, the exception, the accident that defies traditional constructs.

How can we use the past to create a new paradigm for art, design, and culture in Berlin.

To question without limits?

How can we look to push our world of change through Berlin’s underground lens to re-interpret how we live, work, play and communicate?

Where is the new edge?

10 students from different art and design disciplines investigated the multi-dimensions of Berlin’s underground zeitgeist, devising new opportunities for the dynamic city as an incubator for change.

From the next incarnation of the underground music scene, to repurposing the abandoned amusement park, Spree Park, students found Berlin’s underground communities to be unique tribes constantly re-inventing themselves.

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