Testlab Berlin _Unplugged

Fall 2014


Fall 2014


Simon Johnston

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Graphic Design


Testlab Berlin’s _Unplugged is a full term exploration of what it means to experience, work and communicate through unmediated senses. Unplug, walk away from the screen, and rediscover actuality. Act upon it.

What can we learn about sensing and experienced our world, our new city, at first hand, and how can we create messages, images and communication without reliance on computer and smart phone?

What is the nature of unmediated reality, and how can we bring that understanding into our design practice?

Although we will be exploring time-honored ways of working which existed before the advent of the computer, that does not mean that this is in any way a nostalgia trip. Though fabulous tools, in many ways computers and digital media in general have also narrowed our ways of working and thinking as designers and similarly have filtered our experience of life. We will be exploring how our skill set can be expanded through working unplugged and analyzing how we can take that experience back into our normal working life. Be prepared to experiment and leave your comfort zone both in terms of working method and anticipated results.

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