Future of Telecommunication

Summer 2016


Summer 2016


Michael Sans




8 students from Product Design, Environmental Design, Interaction Design and Graphic Design investigated the role of telecommunication in our everyday lives and then “future casting” what our world might be like in 2030. Their goal was to create a vision of how we could re-define telecommunication through technological advances balanced with the human spirit to communicate better and more effectively in the year 2030.

They structured their exploration through life ‘lenses’ developing 3 areas of concentration that culminated in their meta concept scenario: Finding Each Other.

1. Self-fulfillment: Travel and Entertainment

2. Self-development: Career and Education

3. Community: Transportation and Home

“In the year 2030, we strongly believe that society will become more flexible and resilient. We will be more connected physically and virtually and less limited by geographic location and time zone. The overabundance of content in 2030 will require targeted technological assistance in utilizing the vast ocean of information and knowledge. Furthermore, we will gain a greater confidence in who we are and what we love, providing the framework to curate our mix – helping us to grow as individuals and as a society within a technological world.”

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