From Pillow to Pillow

Summer 2014


Summer 2014


Rob Ball


From Pillow to Pillow is Testlab Summer 2014 project, focusing on the next incarnation of Hospitality Design in Berlin - one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in Europe.

Berlin’s rich and complex history as Germany’s green capital has helped generate an “openness” that attracts a hugely diverse visiting community.

Why? Berlin is at the very center of Europe, literally a crossroads; physically, intellectually and creatively. Yet that popularity and openness has also mad a tourist ‘weary’ city that fears losing some of that creative capital to outsiders.
How do we find balance?

ArtCenter students, working in 4 transdisciplinary teams, looked at 4 different travelers, each a growing demographic that reflects some of the unique experiences - and communities - that Berlin offers.
From Urban Explorers and 24/7 Clubsters - to Shoppenistas and Cafe Creatives, students immersed themselves in their respective communities to better understand them and and attract outside visitors in responsible ways. They created a new level of interaction and immersion that begins to re-define hospitality, not just as a place to sleep, but as a fully integrated experience, a complete story.

They designed their own hospitality brand that combined print, motion technology, virtual interaction, heightened sensorial and spatial awareness that pushes personalization and choice to new levels while keeping Berlin’s sense and heart of community paramount.

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