Fresh Eyes Berlin Capital Exposed

Fall 2006


Fall 2006


Sean Donahue, Ming Tai, Heidrun Mumper Drum, Rob Ball

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Graphic and Environmental Design


Berlin needs exposure! A fresh approach to explore new tools for building, connecting and motivating Berlin. In viewing the capital with a 720-degree vision, we are able to draw conclusions about current relationships Berlin has to its people and to the world. Berlin is entering a crucial era where it has the opportunity to leverage its magnetism in a global way. What will enable this growth without degrading Berlin’s originality? Investors, responsible for Berlin’s people and places, are a crucial element to sustaining the city. We not only want to encourage people to invest in Berlin, but also see investing as viable and profitable. Anyone can and should invest in Berlin.

A look beneath the hype! What does high unemployment, a non-conformist work ethic, an un- stimulated consumer market and a large ethnic population have to do with success?

Everything. This exhibit examines the unseen opportunities that already exist in Berlin right now. Why look for something new when you have the answers in your backyard? We have devised new ways to visualize and build networks. We have drawn provocative conclusions to raw data comparisons. And we have interfaced with the city on a human level through interviews.

Investing in Berlin is viable and profitable. Anyone can and should add value to this multi- dimensional city.

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