Brandlab Berlin Piz Buin

Summer 2010


Summer 2010


Rob Ball

Hosted by

Graphic,  Environmental and Product Design


Johnson & Johnson


Brandlab Berlin was a fully immersive design experience that addressed the conceptual and developmental issues in re-inventing Johnson &Johnson’s sun protection brand – Piz Buin – for the millennial market.

15 ArtCenter students from Graphics, Environmental Design, Product and Transportation Design majors collaborated to develop a new voice and strategy to communicate, package and experience the product by using the unique urban environment of Berlin as their own laboratory. The young designers found inspiration in Berlin and tested their research by examining its culture, trends and attitudes through five different filters: music, sports, mobility, health and fashion.

BrandLab Berlin was set up as a working design studio situated in the Münze Berlin Town House, vis-a-vis Alexanderplatz. The studio experience was structured to allow for deep investigation of the city in multiple dimensions including field research, design assessment, critique and presentation. The young designers fully immersed themselves in the metropolitan culture by conducting interviews with Millennial Berliners, experiencing all aspects of the local music, fashion, sports and arts scene(s) and by creating an extensive visual framework to define design potential. Johnson & Johnson’s chief creative officer Chris Hacker, creative director Elan Cole, as well as Piz Buin brand leader Elizabeth Lee were present at the studio for several briefing and critique sessions and saw innovative packaging and brand communication solutions evolve, based on the diverse cultural fabric of Berlin.

Students from the graduate program „Master International Marketing Management“ of the Berlin School of Economics and Law under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Dirk-Mario Boltz collaborated with the studio to provide a strategic marketing framework for the Piz Buin rebranding.

BrandLab Berlin resulted in five unique packaging and branding directions for Piz Buin with a buy-out of some solutions for potential commercial development.

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