Body in Balance

Summer 2018


Summer 2018


Rob Ball, Michael Sans


Germans are obsessed with health and wellness. As a 25-billion-euro industry, it si more than a trend. In Berlin it is a movement, led by millennials who are re-thinking how it integrates in every aspect of their daily lives.

From yoga in Tiergarten to taking the waters at Liquidrom, to consuming garden fresh smoothies in Prinzessinnengarten, Berliners covet their ability to create a mind body sprit connection that is unique to them. Food and fitness play an equal role in a healthy lifestyle here. Organic, locally grown foods in cafes are a staple as baristas concoct finely tuned smoothies as cocktails, powering a boutique cycling studio, while gym goers consume specially tuned soundscapes that are designed to increase their focus and agility.

Experience is supreme in Berlin. The body is in balance.

Students looked at the future of health and wellness, examining possible hybrids that engage all of our senses. What we put in our body, where it comes from and how it powers us is the foundation for a more enlightened lifestyle. Socially conscious, sustainably shopping health focused individuals are looking for new experiences that impact their life in intuitive natural ways.

How can we re-imagine an organic life experience in Berlin that might include a gym, integrated fitness, cooking classes, curated retail as well as music and entertainment; a comfortable and creative place to meet and make new friends. A year-round destination focused on a holistic approach to Berlin Health and Wellness.

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