The project mobilizes The Nervous System as a relational, aesthetic and political concept. We envision The Nervous System as Mediatecture, as Baudelaire’s Flâneur: a shape-shifting mediation; where mediation is body, plasticity, craft. We think of The Nervous  System as a set of transient edges, impulses and withdrawals that shape a particular body, sociality or interdependency. We work with social mediation in real-time, where instant contact is instant displacement, where being here is being elsewhere. We expose our edges to the familiar and the unfamiliar, the local and the foreign; to what composes and decomposes our sense of self. We craft the relations, the tensions between opposites as nerves and affects that slip us into wonder. As a project, the Nervous System is an invitation to become somebody else (not necessarily human). We think the body as detachable, wearable, modifiable. We work with FabLab Berlin to craft the interactions that compose bodies as forms of desire, as mediations and impulses living and affecting a broader organism.

F A C U L T Y :  Carolina Trigo, Graphic Design (Lead) / Michael Sans, Product Design / Jenny Rodenhouse, Interaction Design

This project is supported by H_M_C_T_ the Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography 

Image credit: Silicone Rubber Female Glove SG-2 : $310 at EBAY



The Nervous System

Fall 2017



Constructivism learning is the method of creative education our studio requires and it literally started from the beginning. With schedule uncertainties with our guest commitments as well as coordinating with the Future of Sports studio team, our launch date was in flux till the waning moments. In the end, Monday was the day!  Our guest list was small, but impressive.  We were honored to have with us: 

Susanna Dulkinys, CEO/Creative Director at Eden Spiekermann

Louis Rosetto, co-founder of Wired Magazine and author of the upcoming book Birth of Digital Publishing

Yasaman Sheri, Interaction Designer and faculty at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design.  She was also one of the original developers of AR/MR and Hololens at Microsoft.  

Each student presented their perspective of a California Cliché and Surpise as their pre-Berlin assignment.  California Clichés consist of Sandbar Fiesta Mexican Restaurant,  Disneyland, In-N-Out Burger, Weed…etc.  There were some very interesting representation of the California Surprise.  The surprise range from engineered avocados to organic under wears.  Did you know that the Haas Avocado was first grown and sold in Southern California by a mail carrier name Rudolph Haas?  His unique avocado became the most commercially popular avocado worldwide!  

The presentation spawned conversation about Californication and how will our Golden State be reinvented/reimagined.  Our guests challenged our students to push for a new culture of risk takers.  How do we use Berlin as a lens to reimagine the California Dream? To closing out the afternoon, Louis left a powerful note to share with the student…

 “You can’t invent the future if you are not optimistic.  If you don't think the future will be better, you won’t assume the responsibility for making it better.”


Summer 2017



TestLab Berlin: Summer 14

A Transdisciplinary team from Art Center College of Design is investigating the future of hospitality design.