Fall 2018


"The future is already here, it's just not evenly distributed."

Set against the backdrop of Berlin in the year 2033, this research-driven studio seeks to peel back layers of history to catch a glimpse of the future. Inspired by the renowned futurist and science fiction author Bruce Sterling, students will use a transmedia toolkit to create intelligent graphic systems, dynamic experiences and immersive environments focusing on Posthuman AI, Posthuman Robotics and Posthuman Genetics.

The Immersive Showroom Berlin near Brandenburg Gate serves as spectacular presentation venue for this ambitious project.

Check out Bruce Sterling’s intro lecture on post humanism.


F A C U L T Y :  

Brad Bartlett, Graphic Design

Rudy Manning, Graphic Design

Bruce Sterling, Futurist


This project is supported by TRIAD Berlin.

Image credit: Sutherland_VR







Fall 2017


The project mobilizes The Nervous System as a relational, aesthetic and political concept. We envision The Nervous System as Mediatecture, as Baudelaire’s Flâneur: a shape-shifting mediation; where mediation is body, plasticity, craft. We think of The Nervous  System as a set of transient edges, impulses and withdrawals that shape a particular body, sociality or interdependency. We work with social mediation in real-time, where instant contact is instant displacement, where being here is being elsewhere. We expose our edges to the familiar and the unfamiliar, the local and the foreign; to what composes and decomposes our sense of self. We craft the relations, the tensions between opposites as nerves and affects that slip us into wonder. As a project, the Nervous System is an invitation to become somebody else (not necessarily human). We think the body as detachable, wearable, modifiable. We work with FabLab Berlin to craft the interactions that compose bodies as forms of desire, as mediations and impulses living and affecting a broader organism.


F A C U L T Y :  

Carolina Trigo, Graphic Design

Jenny Rodenhouse, Interaction Design

Michael Sans, Product Design


Supported by H_M_C_T_ the Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography 

Image credit: Silicone Rubber Female Glove SG-2 : $310 at EBAY







Summer 2017



A team of selected ArtCenter students from various disciplines explored the current “brand equity” of our home state California. Through the lens of the diverse population of Berlin, students engaged with different creative tribes of the European metropolis to uncover the legends and myths, hopes and fears as they relate to California.

How does the Golden State relate to the rest of the United States? Which values are shifting and how? What can LA learn from Berlin — what can Berlin learn from LA?


F A C U L T Y : 

Ming Tai, Graphic Design

Chris Hacker, Graduate Graphic Design

Michael Sans, Product Design

Dr. Dirk-Mario Boltz, Marketing Communication






TestLab Berlin: Summer 14

A Transdisciplinary team from Art Center College of Design is investigating the future of hospitality design.