Part 1   

Where is intimacy in the age of hyper surveillance and social media?

People have always craved approval because we are social creatures and it so happens that an outlet was created for that purpose. Constantly posting and checking social media has made us susceptible to the blue-lit screen everyday of our lives. It has become an era where people have become glued to the phone during a dinner meeting or a gathering of friends, and as a result, face-to-face interactions have been reduced to emojis and acronyms. The repercussions can be seen in our mental health. If social media doesn’t deem someone worthy of praise, then their self-esteem can be destroyed in an instant, and in this, intimacy between social media and human beings can be clearly seen as to how it affects us. We become shackled to what we see on the screen that how our whole day goes is greatly affected.

Hyper surveillance through social media always ends up as everyone’s business whether we like it or not. In fact, social media often ends up getting used as evidence in cases. The posts and likes can reveal many things about yourself that you yourself might not be aware of. We have come to be detached from each other and yet so aware of each other’s lives through the ever-expanding data of the worldwide web. 


Part 2

I have wondered why people have been obsessed with timing their posts and what could they possibly get out of sharing their personal private lives online for the world to see. Now I understand that it is the very nature of social media. It thrives on sucking people dry like a mosquito. 

Through my final conclusion of “Don’t let it control you,” it’s not a demand of getting off the grid, persay, but knowing what you are getting yourself into and acknowledging the responsibility or fault that comes due. It is about realizing that words whether it be vocal or typed have an impact on the community. Creating and establishing a social wave is, no doubt, incredible but what that wave consists of is always a factor to watch out for. What are we teaching the younger generation? What good can this create in this society? We cannot be mindlessly posting and posting at our every whim. Be mindful of the dangers in the world. 

It is true. Social media obsession is and can be scary. Some may deem it unnecessary to go through life but others cannot live without it. Their whole life becomes this tiny blue-lit box. Their time, effort, and emotions cannot separate itself from what social media has become in their world. This is where every thing spirals down. It becomes a huge mess and later, you realize what the heck was I thinking. So don’t let it control you. It’s your life. Do something with it.