The weekend of June 4 - 5,  I had the opportunity to visit Leipzig for a on-site freelancing for snapchat. We were set out to document a goth fest called Wave-Gotik-Treffen.  It is known to be the larget gothic  festival in the planet with an attendance of 18,000. WGT is one of the largest events of the goth-, cybergoth-, steampunk and rivethead- subcultures worldwide. The festival has been present in Leipzig since 1991 and is active for the period of four days. It is a international  festival for   “dark” music and arts.  Artist from varuous backgrounds (gothic rock, ebm, industrial, noise, darkwave, experimental, gothic metal etc. Takes place in several venues within leipzig, also offers traditional german food booths, and cultural merchandise.   Leipzig has undergone significant change with the restoration of historical buildings and the development of a modern transport infrastructure. Leipzig has been a trade city since the time of the holy roman empire. The city sits at the intersection of via regia and via imperii, two important medieval trade routes.  I had to opportunity to travel with anastasia; while on our bus ride to leipzig  the scenery and  landscapes were beautiful. There were miles of open green fields and moments of forest scenery. Once we arrived i realized how different the architecture was compared to berlin. There wasn’t much tagging on the walls and the city seemed very quiet. Observations i made within a short period of being there was the calmness of the center. There weren’t any cabs waiting to pick you up and there weren’t crowds of people walking down the street like berlin. It seemed very clean from the streets to the structure of the city.  I was lost in translation, there was a very low percentage of the individuals that spoke english. It was very rare, I was surprised because my assumptions were that the rest of germany would be similar to berlin as in multi-cultural, international. What i disovered through the traveling to different areas in leipzig was how active this community seemed towards activism and acceptance of refugees etc. However, there wasn’t a refugee community or many foriegn cultures. The food wasn’t as diverse as berlin and there weren’t many doner places. There seemed to be more authentic german places. I was suprised to expereince a different area of germany other than berlin because it opened my eyes to see and learn about leipzig and understand berlin is a special place to germany because of its uniqueness.


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alicia rangel