Progress Placement

Presenting to fresh eyes and ears is a refreshing point in the process.  It allows you to spin things a little differently and test new ideas with a fresh audience.  Tuesday was no exception to this - with guests Dirk-Mario and Robert Eysoldt on the floor as marketing and creative liaisons.  Our three teams presented separate and uniquely varying concept directions to new ears.  This was the first time all have been discussed, contrasted, and mediated through critiques of emotional impact and tangible deliverables.  We’re here using Berlin as a lens to change California.  Taking observations and experiences to form new mindsets and reimagine the value of our home state.  In our short time here we’ve collectively had our own individual values turned on their heads.  With insights like these we’ve formulated the following as team directions at this point in time.  

  • A California that is better unified through awareness of differences with those around them.  California can move forward as a society without leaving anyone behind.  This new sense of team work will spark a new wave of integration, inspirations, and aspirations.  
  • Change the way California rides the wave.  We want to deconstruct the California Dream and the way Californians define comfort, success, image, and there surroundings.  We want to ride the wave, take risks, perceive trends, and innovations.  
  • We want to use undefined play as a mechanism to dream.  To reduce the mind into moments of pure emotion allowing us to reimagine and relearn what we’ve since forgotten.  Our goal is to design an emotional experience that is cognitive and tactile.  Reminding our user that in California, the small things are best.  

In consideration with the nature of this project (a brain fuck - if you will) these ideas will most certainly pivot, adapt, and reform into something fuller.  Yet, at this time these are them and this is us.  

From Berlin.  

Duncan Bonar