Berlin's Little Saigon

The 50 minute U-Bahn ride and dead streets had me wondering if we were in the right place when we first arrived to this part of town.


My group members, Chris and Jorge, and I took a long train ride to the far East side to experience Berlin's version of Little Saigon that have become a hub for cheap goods and asian food. This place is called the Dong Xuan Center. 

Everything else on the block is empty. Only cars were driving in and out from the M4 station that we had gotten off. The sidewalks were dead, graffiti sucked, and it just felt a little too deserted for comfort on a Saturday afternoon. We were so worried that we were int he wrong place, that we called Ming to make sure we didn't mess up. He playfully yelled at my "What are you talking about! There's food and markets everywhere! There's so much stuff! What do you mean it's dead!"

Priscilla Chong