Biking Berlin

H&S Cultural Immersion Bike Tour

May 17, 2017 Wednesday

Both Art Center teams (Test lab and Future Sport) met at the “Fat Tire Bike shop” across the street from the TestLab Headquarters to pick up our rental bikes (Only €12! For an entire day!). The bikes themselves were in pretty decent condition, but what made them even better were the fun accessories on them. Each bike had both a bell and a funny looking clown squeaky toy attached to them which made it easy to communicate with one another, as well as communicating with other bikers in the bike lane.

The bike tour was led by Art Center faculty member Michael Sans who is a native to Berlin, and because of his familiarity, he was able to show us a perspective of Berlin that was not sugar coated for tourists. Of course we hit most of the crucial tourists spots around the area like: Reichstag Building, Brandenburg Gate, Gendarmenmarkt ( Berlin Cathedral), Tiergarten, and many other spots which were all great to see, but those weren’t even the highlights of the bike tour. In my personal opinion, I enjoyed just riding and feeling the air of Berlin rather than stopping and seeing a lame tourist trap. Due to heavy traffic and construction, we were forced to take alternative routes through narrow roads next to a lakes and behind old buildings with really unique graffiti which were pleasant surprises. We didn't run into many difficulties during the tour, but the times we did run into problems were mainly due to the immense size of our group because it's hard to stay as a unit without leaving anybody behind especially when we're crossing the road or crossing a bridge. The entirety of the bike tour was really entertaining and it was definitely a great workout! It’s fairly easy to navigate around the local city and see all of the history around you as you pedal forward. Although we biked for roughly around 5 hours, we were only able to experience and see the bare surface of what Berlin has to offer which really drives a long staying tourists, such as ourselves, to continue to explore and discover. To conclude, this bike tour inspired me to explore the city on my own (Perhaps with a bike). This City is all about getting Lost and being an adventurer and that's exactly what this city can offer better than California can.