Bier Trinken Vol. 1

As a beer lover, I am very excited to be in the epicenter of the beer scene. There are so many different kinds, brands, and even flavors in Berlin. And the fact that a 0.5L bottle of beer is cheaper than a bottle of water, gives the experience a special touch. There are numerous beer gardens in Berlin (which I am in the journey of exploring). But, what I find truly interesting is how Berliners enjoy good cold beer while hanging out on the street. This activity is no prohibited by the local law enforcement. People drink beer while walking on the sidewalk, relaxing at the park, just having a chat with friends at the corner , and even while riding the train. The last one is not seen with good eyes by Berliners, for it is a form of being disrespectful to other passengers. Going back to the amazing price of beer in Berlin, I found so interesting that the prices in cafes and restaurants do not go over €4.50 which pairs perfectly with the nice price of a meal. I will expand more on the Berlin beer culture as my stay in the city expands. For now , its time to enjoy a cold one. 

Jorge Castillo