Forgotten Cargo by Ricardo Imperial

Become the new you today! hanna yi

Habitual Actions by Matt Adams

Smiles by Jing Qiao

#Wishtoken by Michelle gong

Bleached Media by Ricardo imperial

Google beatbox by yangyi tai

measured ideology by matt adams

Mutated Evolution by Jing Qiao

towels, beautiful soft towels by hanna yi


Holy Transgression by ricardo imperial


Solitary SURVEILLANCE by matt adams


Smells of berlin by yangyi tai


Mein Schleim by Michelle Gong

The internet is currently obsessed with pointless videos of people playing with slime. Why? Because it’s so serene, predictable and calming, addicting viewers to watch video after video. Slime has this interesting ability to transform, embodying the essence of what is mixed into it, whether it’s beads, foam balls, clay, butter, or even Berlin itself. Could slime consume and transform into the essence of a city, or the city’s dwellers? Mein Schleim is a project that uses both the physical space of Berlin as well as the digital geo-space of Berlin to investigate consumption and transformability through this internet sensation.


The World is my Interface by hanna yi




The Hydrastick by Michelle Gong

Named after the multi-headed serpent in Greek Mythology, The HydraStick™ is a seven armed selfie stick that captures the seven best angles of a face. With a push of some buttons, The HydraStick™ generates a seven headed selfie monster.


halte hier 1 min by jing qiao


tour quadrathalon by matt adams




GOLDFISH memory by yangyi tai


find the bear by hanna yi


Making my dream by ricardo imperial